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Creative Process

My Logo

I was looking for the perfect image that exemplifies  my approach to new and/or existing  business. 

My tag line:  It Starts With A Conversation.

One weekend morning, the sun was shining through my kitchen window, and I noticed some steam coming off my coffee cup.  It was such an inviting site, that I quickly took a few pictures from  different angles. I was able to get a great picture of the steam coming off the coffee cup and a great picture of the coffee cup, the problem, they were   on separate images.  I could easily fix that.  Loading up all my photos to Photoshop, and taking parts of several pictures, I created what I wanted...


For me, the perfect Cup of Steaming Coffee to start the conversation.


This has been used on my website and business cards.

Business card front.png

Using the functions of Photoshop I was able to Re-colorized an Ultra sound picture into a canvas print for an expectant mom.

lovie ultra sound .png
loive fnl pic.jpg

Creating a website landing page from an old crinkled property map

home page map left justified.png

Client wanted to use a 3ft x2 ft aged, discolored and wrinkled property map for the landing page of their website.

Required several steps:

  • Using a ladder, to take a picture in order to get complete map in the  camera shot.

  • Upload .jpg Photoshop

  • Create a .psd file

  • Used several photoshop tools tools to

    • Resize,

    • Correct Perspective

    • Colorize

    • Patch

    • Crop 

 eventually getting the final map image that could be used for the Website Landing Page.

Client had a logo using a colored image and wanted a pencil sketch of the image to use in a black and White version of the LOGO

Kelly Messier  logo picture as colored i
Kelly Messier  logo pencil sketch.jpg

Using Photoshop tools, including Smart Filters &  Guassian Blur, and linking different layers, I created a pencil sketch version of the image.

Project: In 3 days, recreate a movie poster using Photoshop.

Find and scan images that would be "related" to poster theme .

Poster Selected

from Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Published in 2005.


Sample of Intermediate image

DIG100_Collage_MarciaGyles interm step.j

Final Submitted

DIG100_Collage_MarciaGyles NEW 5x7.png

Required several steps, over 170+ layers:

  • Purchased and scanned at 300dpi over 20 different types of candy with different colored wrappers.

  • Upload .jpg to Photoshop, created .psd file

  • Used a variety of Photoshop tools

    • Resize,

    • Correct Perspective

    • Colorize

    • Patch

    • Crop 

    • Layering

    • Grouping

Created 3ft * 4ft Varsity posters for Varsity team using their  5*8 team picture

Erin basketball pic.png
erin Poster image.png

Client had 60 different sized images of  Tea Pots that they wanted to be consolidated into one image that would be printed as a 3' x2' framed image.

Julia Teapots.png
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